Do you want to buy your products? But you have no idea about that.

  • Tell us the detailed information about your products.
  • Send us the sample (if needed).
  • We can provide you the manufacturer’s research report and offers.
  • Feel free to contact us, we are the consultant you need for your business in The International Market.

Do you want to sell your products to the International Market? But you have no idea about that.

  • We know a lot of International Market and will do a lot of research
  • We are specialized in finding the right customer for your products and can take care that you will be able to expand your market overseas.
  • We have a wide range of contacts all over the World
  • We can provide you with market research – management advisements and commercial feedback.

Our Services

  • Search products and price information and send samples.
  • The entire schedule including, invitation letter service, hotel reservation, meet & assist.
  • Organize and accompany clients on a visit to potential manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and the commodity market.
  • Discussion on product specifications, market protection, packaging label, payment terms.
  • Placing an order as the buyer required and follow the production schedule.
  • Inspecting product and quality control.
  • Consolidation of goods from different suppliers and loading containers.
  • Place shipping order, loading container, customs clearance, and make shipping documents
  • Translation service.